Let Fury Have the Hour: the Clash


theclashlondoncalling.jpg“Let fury have the hour, anger can be power”

Clampdown (1980)

The disease? The politics of consensus. The symptoms? Inflation, unemployment, and union strikes. The juxtaposition of regal and metropolitan was irrelevant: garbage bags obscured London’s edifices, and squatters festered inside of them. Punk rock prescribed the feral nihilism of the Sex Pistols, or the fervent activism of the Clash.

  • The Sex Pistols were anarchists, the Clash were leftists; they did not prescribe the liquidation of order, but rather a new order
  • The Clash did not intentionally afflict themselves with prophecy; that is, they saw themselves not as bound to solve the world’s problems, but rather to make people aware of them
  • Despite that the original incarnation of the Clash was punk, they survived because they adapted; their music metamorphosed into other influences
    • There was no puppet master to gag them with strings of manipulation (cough cough, Malcolm McLaren)
    • They were not in turn outside the inside joke of their own inception

– “Career Opportunities”

– “I’m So Bored With the USA”

– “White Riot”

– “London’s Burning”





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